One thought to “Jan Er & Kwong Boon’s Dinner”

  1. Hi Kevin,

    I saw your portfolio and am impressed with your portrait shots. Just would like to know…

    1) How are your charges like for portrait per person at a location within Klang Valley?
    2) Do you own a studio? If yes, where is it located?
    3) Do you have a team to assist in make-up and hair styling at this moment?
    4) Would you know how to suggest poses to clients or correct their posture to if they protrude unpleasing features?
    – I can be quite clueless at poses sometimes…
    5) Attire : Do you have a wardrobe of clothes for shooting?

    I think that’s about all I would like to find out. Do let me know if you have some kind of
    packages for portrait shots.

    Thank you.

    Shin Yee

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